COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

The availability of COVID-19 grants and funding opportunities to support research is  evolving.  Listed below are links to a collection of COVID-19 funding opportunities to support research from a variety of federal agencies, foundations, and organizations. Check back often for updated lists.

Please contact Lori Uttech-Hanson to share relevant funding sources at

Funding Opportunities Related to COVID-19

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Grant Database Lists (Free Access to Collections of Funding Announcements)

Ex Libris Research Professional:  The Ex Libris Research Professional together with Pivot® funding services are providing free access to a list of select funding opportunities related to combatting the coronavirus and COVID-19. By raising awareness of these resources, which are offered from a wide range of global funders, they hope to help researchers expand their scholarly efforts to understand and contend with this global pandemic.
Link is:

Grant Forward: GrantForward has provided a free list of grants related to addressing COVID-19 ranging from small foundation to large-scale federal research grants in an effort to help researchers and others find science-based solutions to address this global pandemic.
Link is:

GrantStation: GrantStation’s list includes funding opportunities for nonprofits, small businesses, journalists, and artists.
Link is:

Pivot: Pivot has given free access to a list of COVID-19 related funding sources, and they are updating the list weekly.
Link is:

WI Center for Technology Commercialization: The CTC has posted a list of federal agencies that are supporting research and development in response to the coronavirus.  Many of these agencies are included in the panels below on this medRAMP website, with information on specific funding announcements.
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InnoCentive COVID-19 Challenges: This page is exclusively for Coronavirus related challenges.  Each challenge will have a specific problem area defined for either required Solutions or Ideas to be submitted. Clients from the public and private sectors will be named in the challenges as having provided support, funding and reviewing expertise for solutions submitted.
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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

  • Special Emphasis Notice (SEN): AHRQ Announces Interest in Health Services Research to Address Substance Use Disorder Epidemic (NOT-HS-21-010): The purpose of this SEN is to inform the research community that the AHRQ is interested in receiving health services research grant applications to advance our nation’s understanding of the substance use disorder crisis and provide solutions for addressing it. In this SEN, AHRQ is interested in health services research to prevent, identify and treat substance use disorders with a high degree of interest in applications that respond to the following three specific areas of focus: (1) Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based, non-pharmacological and behavioral interventions that can treat multiple substances or polysubstance use in ambulatory care and primary care settings, with a particular interest in substances for which pharmacological treatments are not available. (2) Development and testing of healthcare services interventions in primary care and ambulatory care settings to address substance use disorder that consider the social, environmental, economic and psychological factors that contribute to substance use disorder.  Examples include care coordination, integration of substance use services in ambulatory care settings, or integration of population health approaches with primary care. Applications that take advantage of the natural experiment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to examine how changes in service delivery (such as expanded use of telehealth) affect access to care, quality of care, and health inequities are particularly welcome. (3) Understanding and addressing the effect of substance use disorder on whole person health and the development and/or management of other chronic conditions. The Agency encourages research teams to submit applications in response to this emphasis using AHRQ’s standing R18, R03, and R01 funding mechanisms (PA-18-793PA-18-794PA-18-795). AHRQ also is interested in receiving career development awards (PA-20-067 and PA-17-232) that propose developing generalizable health service research skills through projects related to the substance use disorder crisis. Additionally, AHRQ has interest in receiving dissertation award grant proposals that relate to the substance use disorder crisis (PA-18-765).
    Due Date: Active until 3/15/2023
    Funding Amount: Varies by mechanism
  • General Funding Announcements:  Investigators interested in seeking funding for COVID-19-related research consistent with AHRQ’s priorities can use their general funding announcements. In addition, AHRQ grantees are encouraged to contact their project officers with novel ideas for implementation and future research.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • RFA-IP-22-004: US Platform to Measure Effectiveness of Seasonal Influenza, COVID-19 and other Respiratory Virus Vaccines for the Prevention of Acute Illness in Ambulatory Settings: Influenza and other respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, are important causes of morbidity, mortality, and healthcare burden across all age groups. For influenza and novel vaccines, such as for COVID-19, estimates of vaccine effectiveness in preventing illness and associated complications are needed in order to evaluate the protection provided by nationwide vaccination programs. The goal of this notice of funding opportunity is to support a network of US institutions that can: a) conduct systematic testing for laboratory-confirmed disease due to influenza, SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory virus infections, b) obtain reliable vaccination information for enrolled patients and c) provide accurate estimates of the effectiveness of vaccines against respiratory viruses, including influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory viruses, to prevent medically attended influenza-associated illness in the population for whom vaccination is recommended.
    Due Date: 5/09/2022
    Funding Amount: Depends on Component Applied For
    Website (search RFA#):

Department of Defense

Department of Defense

wdt_ID Sponser Program Funding Deadline
1 DoD Request for Information for PPE in response to COVID-19 N/A 3/24/2020 (information accepted on a rolling basis)
12 DoD Dept. of the Army - USAMRAA Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program - W81XWH-21-DHAPP See NOFO 9/23/2022
13 DoD Defense Threat Reduction Agency Strategic Trends Division Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) HDTRA1-20-S-0002BAA $350,000 (Offers may submit a White Paper package to any of the BAA’s Thrust Areas of research at any time. If an Offer’s Phase I package is approved, the Offer will be invited to submit a Phase II package (Proposal). 3/02/2025

National Institutes of Health

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

wdt_ID Sponsor Program Funding Deadline
5 NSF Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases* $2,500,000 total 11/17/2021 & annually thereafter
7 NSF Research on Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning (RETTL) (20-612) $850,000 1/25/2021; 10/18/2021; 10/17/2022
11 NSF Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems (DISES) (20-579 ) DISES Research Projects: $1,600,000
DISES-RCN Awards: $500,000
11/21/2021 & annually thereafter
12 NSF Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) Program (20-595) $1,000,000 3/25/2022; annually thereafter
13 NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Sentinel Cells for Surveillance and Response to Emergent Infectious Diseases (Sentinels) (NSF 20-105) Based on applicable program (NSF 21-509; PD 20-7909, NSF PD 20-1491) Rolling deadlines

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Internal UW-Madison Funding Opportunities

UWCCC BioBank – COVID 19-Related Blood Samples for Research

Internal UW-Madison Opportunities

wdt_ID Sponsor Program Funding Deadline
1 Wisconsin Partnership Program Wisconsin Partnership Program Varies by type of program See website for annual due dates
4 UWCCC Translational Science BioCore BioBank, UW SMPH & Wisconsin Partnership Program COVID-19 BioBank Initiative Request for Proposals Access to UWCCC BioBank resources (samples, clinical or survey data) to further COVID-19 research efforts Applications reviewed monthly, and approvals granted on a rolling basis
6 UW ICTR Novel Methods Award $50,000 Letter of Intent due 11/19/2021; Full Application due: 12/20/2021
7 UW ICTR Clinical & Community Outcomes Research $75,000 Letter of Intent Due: 1/14/2022; Full Application Due: 3/11/2022
8 UW ICTR Collaborative Health Equity Research $50,000 Letter of Intent Due: 1/14/2022; Full Application Due: 3/11/2022
9 UW ICTR Evidence to Implementation $52,500 TBD
10 UW ICTR Marshfield Clinic/Marshfield Clinic-UW Award $75,000 TBD
11 UW ICTR Stakeholder and Patient Engaged Research $100,000 Letter of Intent Due: 1/14/2022; Full Application Due: 3/11/2022
12 UW ICTR Translational Basic & Clinical Research Pilot Awards $50,000 Letter of Intent Due: 12/20/2021; Full Application Due: 2/21/2022
13 Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Fall Research Competition Average award is about $60,000 September annually

Other Sponsors & Funding Opportunities

Other Sponsors

wdt_ID Sponsor Program Funding Deadline
73 Google Google Cloud Research Credits GCP Credits - worth up to $5,000 for faculty and $10,000 for PhD Candidates Ongoing
87 The COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium ( Access to computing resources No deadline
91 Global Innovation Fund Global Innovation Fund Unspecified Continuous
109 US Department of Energy - Brookhaven National Laboratory COVID-19 Rapid Access Program COVID-19 Rapid Access Program - access to state-of-the-art instruments Continuous submission
112 23andMe Research Innovation Collaborations Program Academic researchers are paired with 23andMe scientists and gain access to de-identified data from the 23andMe Research Cohort. 1/14/2022
115 Argonne National Laboratory (US Department of Energy) Expedited, Rapid Access Call for COVID-19 Research Support The Advanced Photon Source at Argonne is offering remote access to beamlines for macromolecular crystallography and BioSAXS for research efforts related to SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19. Continuous submission
118 Emergent Ventures Non-Scientific/Biomedical COVID-19 Projects-19 Prizes Fellowship Rolling
119 Facebook CrowdTangle Public Application for Academics Access to CrowdTangle data to study misinformation, COVID-19, racial justice and/or well-being, No deadline
120 Facebook New Preventive Health Survey Data Available for Research Researchers can request aggregated, de-identified survey data to better monitor and understand people’s knowledge, attitudes and practices around COVID-19. No deadline
121 Facebook Symptom Surveys Researchers access to survey data collected on a national and global level concerning Facebook users and COVID-19 symptoms No deadline indicated
127 Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE)
(funded by the National Science Foundation)
COVID-19 HPC Consortium Powerful computers will be made available to researchers to accelerate understanding of the COVID-19 virus and development of treatments and vaccines to help address infections. Continuous submission
130 CHEST Foundation CHEST Foundation Research Grant in COVID-19 $30,000 4/04/2022
134 SOLVE Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy Solve Global Challenge $10,000 Beginning in March each year
136 Rheumatology Research Foundation Innovative Research Awards $400,000 June 1, 2022 for Letter of Intent
July 1, 2022 for full application
141 Russell Sage Foundation Social, Political, Economic, and Psychological Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic Varies 5/04/2022 for Letter of Inquiry