Sample Proposals

There are numerous sources available to researchers and staff to access and review sample grant proposals. The medRAMP Office has created a Grants Library Repository (GLR) that provides successful samples from UW investigators. Access to sample applications is restricted to UW-Madison faculty, investigators and designated staff. In addition, several federal and non-federal agencies and organizations include links to example proposals on their websites. Listed and described below is information about the UW medRAMP Grants Library Repository (GLR) and an application form for access. Following that are links to additional sample proposal through the NIH, NSF, and more. Enjoy!

UW SMPH "medRAMP" Grants Library Repository

(1) Sample Proposal Repository

medRAMP offers a Grants Library Repository (GLR) to serve as a centralized resource for grant writers/investigators at different career stages to allow access, through an application and approval process to awarded training, research, and career grant applications.  These resources are designed to help support the writing process and include full sample proposals, as well as specific sections, form a variety of federal and non-federal funding sources. Currently the GLR offers samples of the following types of proposals:

  • National Institutes of Health
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • Department of Defense
  • Foundations
  • Professional Associations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations


Access to sample applications is restricted to UW-Madison faculty, investigators and designated staff with a NET ID.
Click here or on the link below to request access to the GLR: “REQUEST GLR  ACCESS”. If you have questions, please contact


The GLR will be expanded periodically. All SMPH investigators are encouraged to share their successful proposals (either full proposals or sections). The GLR will redact/remove any sensitive budgetary and personnel information.  If interested in sharing your proposal in the GLR, please email or call Lori Uttech-Hanson at (608) 263-7294.

National Institutes of Health Sample Proposals

The links below provide sample proposals through several agencies at the NIH that are available to the public. Currently, there are no Forms E sample applications available in these links, therefore they may not reflect the NIH’s latest forms and policies.  Please be sure to access the latest application forms for all grants at the NIH when applying for a grant, which can be found at this link: NH Application Guides.

Research Grants

Small Business Grants

Training, Career, and Fellowship Awards